Photography Shot List Scamps: Portrait and Landscape (FREE RESOURCE)

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The best way to get the results you want out of a photo shoot is to communicate well to your photographer...starting with great scamps!

How will this resource help me?

Scamps are simply rough drawings used to convey the idea of a design or (in this case) a photograph. Other terms you may be used to are roughs, comps and thumbnails.

Sometimes it is easier to explain what you want in pictures rather than words, which is where the AM-Insider Photography Shot List Scamps Resource can help you. There are two Adobe Acrobat pdf files in the set: one portrait and one landscape. Each page contains 12 x scamp boxes where you can sketch out your thoughts.

Template features:
  • Two files.
  • Adobe Acrobat 9.9 (.pdf) and usable on both PC and Mac.
  • Each file comes with an Adobe Illustrator (CS5.5) master file that you can use to make alterations.
  • Download includes a support file.
  • Risk-free, 100% satisfaction guarantee (or your money back).



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