Performance Review Sheets

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A Performance Review tailored specifically for Account Managers...and their Managers!

  • Resource code: PFR1-0914
  • Author: Sarah Ritchie
  • Last updated: September 2014
  • Format: Two Microsoft Word templates for editing
How will this resource help me?

Hands up who likes performance reviews? OK, not many hands. One reason may be because it's difficult to see the purpose or value in a traditional review. The AM-Insider Performance Review is set to make a change.


  • Section 1: 21 questions, rating job performance criteria in a simple 1 to 5 manner.
  • Section 2: Overview. Here's where you can record what's working well (or not so well), strengths and weaknesses, training and the future. 
  • Section 3: The focus is on professional goals for the year ahead.
  • Section 4: KPIs. These are set by a Manager or Team Leader, and the performance review is a great opportunity to discuss the Account Manager's or team's KPIs for the year.

All sections are all highly Account Manager-specific and designed to help your team grow as individuals and team-contributors.

    The Performance Review: Team Member Sheet should be used in conjunction with the Performance Review: Manager Sheet. The team member and Manager both fill in their own copy, then meet together to compare notes.

    Template features:
    • Premium resource - exclusive to AM-Insider.
    • Two templates.
    • Created in Word for Mac 2011 (.docx) and cross-compatible with Word for PC.
    • Fully customisable.
    • Simple, easy-to-use template.
    • Download includes a support file.
    • Risk-free, 100% satisfaction guarantee (or your money back).


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