Campaign Cost Summary

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On any campaign it is essential to accurately capture all revenue and costs and know your gross profit margin.

How will this resource help me?

The AM-Insider Campaign Cost Summary is a super-charged spreadsheet that will keep you, your client and your accounts-person VERY happy.

A typical campaign might look something like this:

  • It will be multi-channel;
  • there could easily be 20 or more different cost-bearing items to wrangle;
  • the invoices and costs won't necessarily fall in the same month; and
  • the campaign may spread over multiple months.

How on earth can you keep track of those variables? AM-Insider Campaign Cost Summary to the rescue!

This essential resource will capture:

  • Activity (channel/requirements)
  • Suppliers
  • Revenue invoiced each month
  • Costs incurred each month
  • Gross profit and GP margin analysis

The Campaign Cost Summary Excel file contains a second tab illustrating how the full (internally-focused) spreadsheet can be altered to create a spreadsheet suitable to show your client.

This is an essential tool for any Account Manager working on major client campaigns.

Template features:
  • Premium resource - exclusive to AM-Insider.
  • One template.
  • Created in Excel for Mac 2011 (.xlsx) and cross-compatible with Excel for PC.
  • Fully customisable.
  • Simple, easy-to-use spreadsheet.
  • Download includes a support file.
  • Risk-free, 100% satisfaction guarantee (or your money back).


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