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  • Account management: doing what you don't want to do
    Every job has aspects to it that you’re not going to like. Why is it that we may not feel like doing certain things, and what can we do to push through?
  • Account management: getting your foot in the door
    The possibilities and the realities of securing a client service role in an advertising or design agency when you have no "previous agency experience".
  • Account management: how do-ers become managers
    Moving from a do-er to a manager is probably the most difficult step in an Account Manager's career pathway. How can you prove you are ready to make the jump?
  • Account management: move up or move on?
    When did you last take stock of your career? Are you where you want to/need to be? Are you happy in your job? Are you on the right path to achieve your goals?
  • Ageism in agencies: how the oldest survive
    Advertising and design is an ageist industry. How can you ensure you remain relevant in an industry which has a conspicuous lack of grey hair and wrinkles?
  • Agency life: working long hours
    Is it fair that you be required to regularly work long hours when your agency contract clearly states you have a 40-hour-per-week job? Is there an easy answer?
  • Ask more powerful questions
    Asking great questions shows that you are intelligent, you listen, and that you communicate well. This skill will help you in your account management career.
  • Avoiding agency burnout
    One of the saddest and most preventable reasons why Account Managers leave their jobs is due to "burnout". Here's how to recognise warning signs and do something about it.
  • Beating speech anxiety
    Account managers are required to present thoughts, opinions, ideas, strategies, and concepts on a regular basis, so you'll need some tricks up your sleeve!
  • Being assertive
    Throughout your account management journey there will be many occasions where you will need to be assertive. How can you be assertive without being offensive?
  • Being proactive - yay or nay?
    If you ask any client whether or not they would like their agency account managers to be "proactive" they will probably say "of course!". 
  • Confidence is key
    Confidence can be learned over a period of time and testing; and it's something that is vital to develop for the health of your career.
  • Conquering the “5 Whys”
    Understanding your client’s “pain points” and come up with solutions by listening and using the 5 Whys technique.
  • Conquering time pressures and stress
    When you are dealing with a barrage of deadlines, fighting fires, and placating an army of people, the tyranny of "time" becomes a very real issue.
  • Credit where credit's due
    When it comes time for basking in the glory of a campaign's success, it can be tempting to want to take the lion's share of praise for yourself, but is that the best solution?
  • "Crossing over": agency-side vs client-side
    Agency account managers often enter and exit AgencyLand through a number of doors, and at various stages of their career. This is called "crossing over".
  • Curiosity - your secret superpower
    If there was one trait that could be identified as the ultimate for an agency account manager to want to possess, it would have to be curiosity.
  • Dealing with fear and anxiety
    AgencyLand is a tough environment. Fear can be a very powerful motivator, but it can also be destructive. What fears may you face, and what can you do about it?
  • Fighting Fires
    Do you ever have days where everything seems to go wrong and you are putting out one fire after another? How is an Account Manager supposed to cope?
  • Finding a mentor
    There will be many people whom you can talk with over the course of your career, including business mentors.
  • How do you keep your team accommodating and upbeat?
  • Getting through the dark days
    There are going to be days when you'll want to throw in the account management towel; so how do you cope when you feel you've hit rock bottom?
  • Giving constructive criticism that doesn't sting
    Account managers are required to give feedback to people on a regular basis. Is it possible to give constructive criticism that doesn't sting?
  • Guiding your creative team
    How to ensure you receive creative that your client will love.
  • Handshakes - it's time to man-up!
    For the sake of your personal brand, client relationships and man/woman-hood in general, the world needs more confident handshakes. Do you measure up?
  • Hearing and listening
    If there is one communication skill that you should aim to master it's listening. Master this one key skill and you have a better chance of mastering them all.
  • Honesty is always the best policy
    As an Account Manager, there will be many, many times when you will face the temptation to lie. Should you?
  • How "faking it 'til you make it" can boost your career
    How do you respond when you are asked to do something that you have never done before? Faking it 'til you make it may be the answer!
  • How hungry are you?
    How hungry are you to be the best Account Manager you can possibly be?
  • How to get your voice heard in meetings
    Until you are used to them, group meetings (internal or with clients) can feel intimidating. Here are some tips on why and how you should try to be heard.
  • How to sell an opinion
    How to sell-in an opinion with the confidence of a rhino and the humility of a dove.
  • How to survive a last-minute deadline
    What do you do if you receive a last-minute request from your client? Can you say "no"?
  • Job titles: do they matter?
    The internationally-acknowledged pathway for account managers provides a handy benchmark for hiring managers, but is this pathway fair, or even still relevant?
  • Keeping people happy
    How keeping clients, suppliers, your team, and customers happy will add to your agency's bottom line.
  • Keeping your word
    Your clients and colleagues are all relying on you to do what you say you are going to do. Are you keeping your word? If not, you might want to explore why!
  • Learning to talk-the-talk
    Account management definitely not for the timid. The ability to initiate and sustain conversations with others is essential for career success.
  • Managing former colleagues
    How can you navigate these new waters without alienating people who once considered you their friend?
  • Meeting and managing expectations
    Just when you thought an account manager's job was challenging enough you will be expected to satisfy unspoken expectations as best you can. How do you do that?
  • Mise en place - the art of being prepared
    Have you ever turned up for a meeting where you felt ill-prepared? How did that make you feel? Stressed? Here's a tip all account managers can learn from chefs.
  • "Must have digital experience". What does that mean, and how do you get it?!
    It is becoming mandatory that agency Account Managers have a good dose of digital experience.The great chicken-and-egg questions is: how do you get it?
  • "No Stress." Yeah, right.
    Some tips that may help you the next time someone pushes your stress-button.
  • One client or many? The pros and cons.
    Your client base (number and types of clients) will be a strong factor in determining your ultimate job satisfaction. Here are some pros and cons to consider.
  • Responsibility and Accountability
    Your responsibilities will change as you move through your career, but your attitude toward accountability should be the same throughout.
  • Salaries: what's an Account Manager worth?
    How to negotiate your Account Manager's salary when "industry standards" leave only a very small window in which to move.
  • Saying "no" based on your values
    Do you hold strong viewpoints or beliefs that you would seek to preserve at the risk of losing work, or a client, or even losing your job?
  • So you want to work for a different agency. Which one?
    Advertising and design agencies are as different as they are numerous. Here are some tips for deciding whether an agency will be right for you.
  • Speaking a universal language
    In agency account management you need to be sensitive to cultural differences, especially if there is a chance that what you say or do could cause offence.
  • Stealing time
    Do you ever steal someone's time? Time is how we make our money, so what is the real cost of "running late" for an agency?
  • Strive for excellence, not perfection
    Trying to achieve perfection in aspects of your work life is an ambitious goal, but what would be the cost of pursuing perfection and is that pursuit worth it?
  • The cost of acquiring new clients
    When the pressure is on to bring more revenue into your agency, you can look to one of two groups to find the extra business that you seek.
  • The Devil is in the detail
    If you are going to make an error on one of your jobs, it's highly likely that the error will be in the micro, not the macro. Those 'small' errors can be all it takes to derail a project, cost your agency thousands of dollars, or even lose an account. 
  • The humble account manager
    A humble person need not be weak, nor a pushover. Humility is a strength, and one that deserves to be in your box of essential tools.
  • The resourceful Account Manager
    As an agency Account Manager we sometimes have to use a little bit of magic to help turn a client brief into reality. When have you had to be resourceful?
  • The tyranny of busyness
    An account manager's day is full of tasks. How can you increase your level of productivity without increasing the number of hours that you work?
  • There is no 'I' in 'team player'
    Have you ever read a recruitment ad searching for someone who will 'roll up their sleeves', 'get their hands dirty', or be a 'team player'? How do you go about doing that?
  • Upskilling - the power is in your hands
    In an industry which offers very little in the way of professional development opportunities, what can you do to stay up-to-date?
  • What does an Account Manager "look" like?
    Here are some guidelines to help you decide what style/level of dress will be appropriate for your agency and clients.
  • What happens when one of your team fails?
    If you are a manager of direct reports there will be times when one of your team will do something wrong. What should you do when the inevitable happens?
  • What happens when you fail?
    What can you do when the mistake has already been made?
  • What happens when you no longer care?
    One trait that separates a great from a good account manager is a strong desire to care. What happens when the fire of caring burns out?
  • What to do if you are sick
    When everything in your world stops, but all things in your client's world keep going, what can you do?
  • What your boss needs to know
    "Make sure your boss knows before your client knows." Learn about the cardinal rules of dealing with bosses, what you should tell your boss, & when.
  • When silence is golden
    We have to be able to recognise when we are talking too much and listening too little, and when to use this strange discipline of keeping silent.
  • Working with developers
    Understanding the differences between developers and account managers will save you a lot of frustration and help you to work harmoniously together.
  • Working with divas
    Working with a diva can be intimidating and downright scary at times, especially when you have to work alongside them every day. Here is your diva survival guide.
  • Your attitude determines your altitude
    Your attitude will make or break all of your business relationships. Are you ready to take the 10-point attitude check?
  • Your best career pathway: linear or dynamic?
    We are each a product of the job choices that we make. Given that our life journeys will be so diverse, is it better to have a "linear" or "dynamic" career?
  • Your work reputation is in your hands
    What management style would you most like to be remembered for? How would you like your team to feel when you are around (and not around)?

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