Curiosity - your secret superpower

July 16, 2017

Curiosity - your secret superpower

If there was one trait that could be identified as the ultimate for an agency account manager to want to possess, it would have to be curiosity

'Curiosity' means 'a strong desire to know or learn something'. People will either naturally have this desire (which will outwork in all aspects of their life), or they won't. It is possible to develop a sense of curiosity, as long as you determine to dedicate yourself to work at it constantly. To be truly successful as an account manager, the desire to be curious must permeate everything you do.  

If you are curious, you will: 

  • Dig down to the root of a problem or challenge. 
  • Uncover the truth. 
  • Understand as much as you can about your job, the industry, competitor activity, your client's business, your client's life, your colleagues, your manager, what other agencies are doing, the financial markets, politics, current affairs, etc. 
  • Maximise opportunities. 
  • Become more efficient and increase your productivity. 
  • See learning as something that is fun. 
  • Be aware of ideas before they pass you by. 
  • Be open to new worlds and possibilities. 
  • Never be satisfied with the status quo. 
  • Be a more positive person. 
  • Be excited about your job and life. 

Curiosity is what will elevate you from a doer to a thinker; from a "yes, Sir" to a "why, Sir?"; from a passive thinker to an active thinker; from a person who hates small-talk to a great conversationalist; from a note-taker to someone who can make a significant difference to their client's business. 


How do you become more curious? 

Firstly you have to want to be more curious (it won't work unless you are 100% on board); however wanting is only half the answer. To complete the process, effort and action are required. 

To develop a lifelong habit of curiosity you need to ACTIVELY, INTENTIONALLY, and CONTINUOUSLY absorb as much relevant information as you can. You'll do this by reading, watching, learning and asking

  • Read books, articles, blog posts, industry news and eDMs. Consume diverse topics and broaden your mind to other worlds. 
  • Watch online videos, how-to videos, and news items. 
  • Learn via online courses, short courses, tertiary qualifications, peer-to-peer learning, agency training sessions, and workshops. 
  • Ask a million questions. Ask about everything. Ask what you need to know, and what you want to know. What is that? Why is it made that way? When was it made? Who invented it? How does it work? What, why, when, which, who, and how are the best friends of curious people.  

Reading, watching, learning and asking give you knowledge. Knowledge is power, promotion and persuasion. Knowledge will open doors, and illuminate answers to problems. Knowledge will bring you closer to your clients and enable you to understand them and their business. And, most importantly, knowledge will help to strengthen you and your career and help you to be the best account manager and client partner that you can possibly be. 

You'll only bother to actively gain knowledge if you are curious to do so. Curiosity is your secret superpower - develop it and watch your career fly!



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